Carrowbeg Overview

Carrowbeg (An Ceathru Beag) – An Irish Model Railway

A model railway layout in 00 (4mm) based on the Irish railway scene as it is and also as it might have been around Westport in Co Mayo, Ireland circa 1980-2010.

Freight traffic in Ireland has decreased significantly over the years resulting in the demise of any real freight hotspots and passenger services have transferred from loco hauled sets to Class 22000 DMUs (the Irish equivalent of UK Voyagers).

Irish outline ready-to-run models were originally produced in short runs by Lima and more recently by Bachmann as limited runs for Irish retailers Murphy’s and Mark’s Models but the choice is fairly limited.

Newcomer to the Irish railway modelling scene is Irish Railway Models who are working closely with leading industry professionals and factories utilising cutting edge manufacturing methods to produce accurate and finely detailed ready-to-run scale miniatures of Irish railway rolling stock. The company is run by railway modellers for railway modellers and is committed to achieving the highest standards at all stages of production, from initial research of prototypes right through to final delivery to the customer. The first models to come to market were ballast wagons and cement bubbles and the Tara Mines bogie ore wagons will follow.

Carrowbeg Irish model railway centres on the town’s station which comprises of four running lines, a bay platform and a diesel depot. Two lines at the back of the station are primarily used for passing freight whilst the other two lines serve the station’s platforms.

A timber yard sits just outside the station where road vehicles bringing timber from the outlying forests transfer their loads to rail for onward transport to the Irish pulp mills in Waterford.

Passenger workings are loco hauled sets, in traditional Intercity orange and black, usually comprising six coaches plus the generator coach which supplies train heating as none of the locos have this facility. The Railway Preservation Society of Ireland is also featured with the traditional green coaching stock and some of the new blue and cream coaches. Freight is represented by Permanent Way, Timber, Stone, Oil and Container traffic and maybe a few specials.

Being located in the West of Ireland tourism plays a major part of the economy and this is supported by the local garage which runs a fleet of heritage sightseeing buses. For the sportier, the Carrowbeg golf course is situated just down the road.

This layout isn’t a rivet counter’s dream – it’s a depiction of an Irish themed layout with a bit of artistic licence and some UK models will run disguised as a ‘near match’ to their Irish counterparts until such models become more readily available. Questions and suggestions are welcomed by the operators.

Gauge & Era: 00 Gauge – 1:76 – 4mm   Circa 1980 – 2010

Layout size: 24’ x 10’ using Peco 100 trackwork

DCC operation using Gaugemaster Prodigy controls, Lenz LS150s & Seep point motors

Owner: Ian Mulroy E: – M: 07971 433179

Electronics and Wiring: Ron Boxall – Model Roads & Tramways – E: