Carrowbeg Features

Other than the four running lines, two through the station and two freight bypass lines, there are a number of scenic features which receive acclaim from exhibition visitors …

They are ..

Carrowbeg Golf Course – Holes 17 & 18 and a grand club house

Carrowbeg Church (based on Ayle Church just outside Westport, Co Mayo)

Stables (Typical scene found in most towns and villages)

Timber Transfer Yard (Road to rail based on Westport Station Yard, Co Mayo)

Road Works – Some serious pipe laying by Patrick Keane with full roadway traffic control

Heritage Bus Yard and Bus Station – The starting place for both local and national services

Carrowbeg Station (Complete with illuminated signal box based on Westport Station, Co Mayo)

Garda Station – A depiction of an area station complete with its own communications mast

Old Loco Shed (Based on Westport Station Yard, Co Mayo) – now used for diesel locos with one being lifted off a low loader

Elevated Town (A fictitious scene-break but not dissimilar to the buildings found in Irish towns of this era)