Exhibition Manager Information

Carrowbeg – Exhibition Manager’s Notes

Description:           Irish themed layout 1980-2010. Mix of passenger and freight.

                             Four running lines serviced from 15 line fiddle yard

Layout size:           24’ x 10’ (Area required 28’ x 12’ – extra 2’ for barriers on the front and 2’ at each end unless we are on an aisle end)

                             The layout is scened to the front viewing edge so barriers are needed

Viewing is from the front 24’ but the layout is scened in a ‘U’ shape with a golf course at one end and a town at the other. The operators run the layout from the centre but access to the hidden tracks beneath the golf course and town boards is required (just in case …)

Power:                   2 x 13 amp sockets (1 x 13 amp will usually suffice if you are ok with this)

Operators:              Minimum 4 (ideally 5)

Transport:              Hire of large transit van or similar or trailer / Fuel only for 2nd vehicle if required

Accommodation:    Daily travel within 1½ – 2 hours of Blackpool area or overnight accommodation required

Insurance:              Stock & Layout valuations available upon request

Contact:                 Ian Mulroy

                               W: www.carrowbeg.com                   E: ian@carrowbeg.com